Recreational marijuana store deals

I don’t understand why the local community is upset about my business. I am just taking advantage of the market and the demand for my product. What is wrong with that? I just don’t see why people assume that I am running an illegal operation. I went to business school and I earned my MBA. I fully understand the importance of supplying a product that has a huge demand. So, why is it a problem for people to understand that I’m just providing a product that has a huge demand. As the owner of a recreational marijuana store, I get a lot of heat from the local neighbors. But, I don’t think that they realize that I conduct a lot of research whenever I open up a store. I research the areas wherein there is already a huge demand for marijuana so it isn’t like I’m bringing the market and consumers to their neighborhoods.

I got a lot of heat from the community when I started to give out recreational marijuana coupons on my company’s website. I don’t know why they got so upset. I was honestly just trying to give my loyal customers some weed coupons. I am not particularly promoting the use of marijuana in the neighborhood (because I personally do not consume it) but I just think that it is a great market to tap into, especially now that it is a legal business. I think my only concern is that when I have these weed coupons for people that I have to accept payment in the form of cash, and that makes me a little wary. Other than that, business is booming.

Our store promotes weed coupons
I truly believe that the United States government should ban the use of drugs including marijuana. Yes, federally, marijuana is illegal, but some states are adopting it as a legal substance. I just find that confusing because what happens when you step out of that state’s boundaries and you are used to living a certain lifestyle. I just don’t think it is a smart idea for different states to have different rules and regulations in terms of drug use. I mean, there is a legal limit for alcohol consumption, right? Then why isn’t there a legal limit for drug consumption? I just don’t quiet understand the importance of promoting the consumption of marijuana when it is federally illegal.

I just don’t understand why it is okay for some storekeepers to be able to promote cannabis coupons in their storefronts. It is still federally illegal to consume marijuana. I just don’t like the idea of my kids walking around town and seeing these “amazing” deals on weed coupons. It just worries me that they are going to see the availability of weed and start using it. I just don’t like the idea of my kids being exposed to that type of environment. Similarly, since the use of marijuana is federally illegal, I don’t want my kids to think that it is okay to try it. Heck, what if they wanted to work in the federal government; they wouldn’t be able to if they have had an illegal substance in their system. It is just stressful, and I’d rather not have to worry about which drugs are legal: they should all be banned.